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Labs Camp 2014 venue: Simplon.co

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Contact: labs at ouishare.net

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OuiShare Labs Camp #2 Paris 2014

What? Collaborative environment for hacking and visioning
Who? Coders and visionaries working on open source tools to fuel the collaborative economy
When? May 1-4, 2014, just before the OuiShare Fest 2014
Where? Simplon.co - 55 rue de Vincennes, 93100 Montreuil, Île-de-France

About Labs Camp

OuiShare Labs Camp is a free pop-up hub uniting developers and visionaries in the global social web and collaborative economy communities. We come together for four days of connecting, coding and creating. The Camp will feature keynotes, project pitches and work sessions proposed by participants.

During the Camp we will also be building tools that facilitate ongoing connecting and co-creating throughout the year.

Bring your idea or code to share, or come to find connections!


Most of the agenda will be co-created at the beginning of each day. We will have a keynote (or two) on some mornings, followed by Open Space work sessions proposed by participants. At the end of each day we will gather and review what has been done. There will also be a short session of project pitches (3 minutes each) once or twice a day.

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